Real Situations. Real Performance. Real-Time Reports.

Armezo Simulations® create a fun and engaging test-drive for candidates while delivering unparalleled accuracy in predicting job success.

Hire and Develop Talent

It's easy with our Job Simulation Assessment Process!.


Realistic Job Simulations

Realistic job simulations that test for the actual job and ensures you hire only high performers


Objective Evaluation

Easily assess individuals and teams. Incorporate objective assessment into any demonstration of employee skill including on-the-job performance, training, simulation exercises, drills, and more.


Actionable Metrics

Measure worker proficiency for targeted training. Gain insight on compliance, competency gaps, skill fade, and procedural drift. Give senior management visibility into performance trends and risks.


Optimize Hiring Process

Efficient recruiting with a quick tool for a holistic evaluation of language, cognitive, behavior and skill


Goodbye to unconscious bias

With Armezo Simulations, you give all applicants an equal, unbiased opportunity to showcase themselves. This ensures you get the best talent from all walks of life.


Champion a data-driven HR culture

We rank your applicants according to test scores certified by our experts. This means your HR team can rely on reliable data to make important decisions - and not just their gut feeling.

Avoid mis-fits. Hire and train the right candidates.

Armezo Simulations® create a fun and engaging test-drive for candidates while delivering unparalleled accuracy in predicting job success.

1. Armezo Sales Simulation : Insurance Industry

2. Armezo Sales Simulation : Pharma Industry

3. Armezo Sales Simulation : Door-to-Door (Coming soon)

4. Armezo Sales Simulation : Retail Sector (Coming soon)

5. Armezo Sales Simulation : B2B (Coming soon)

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Proven Technology and Scientific Methodology

100% Cloud-Based

Highly scalable assessment platform, deployable anywhere, and anytime.

ATS Integrations

Integrated with the most popular talent acquisition and HRM applications.

Reliability and Validity

Adhering to the International Test Construction Standards, we measure and report the predictability of the assessments.

Job Role and Industry Mapping

Ensures that the simulation is for specific job role and industry to provide an industry-specific experience.

Customized Job Simulation Assessment

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Armezo also curates fully-customized simulation solutions to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Our team of psychologists, Instructional designers, and developers can help your organization map the target job role, understand the competencies/skills, access them, and offer a solution specific to your requirements.

Custom simulation assessment may include:

  • Custom Job Simulations
  • Job Practice Simulations
  • Knowledge Assessments
  • Language Proficiency Simulations

And More!

A clear advantage of a customized assessment is that it is a perfect fit. The business problems, tasks, language, and, report outcomes all tie directly to your specifications.

Application Areas

Recruitment & Selection

Armezo Simulations enable your organization to identify the most skilled candidate by accessing their functional skills. We help predict on-the-job performance by providing real-life problems.

Learning & Development

Armezo Simulations help candidates understand their learning gaps and provide development tips to redirect their efforts and improve job performance.

Performance Evaluation

Focusing on the targets and quantifiable performance goals is not enough to evaluate employees. Our Simulation Assessments enable managers to understand the individual's strengths and challenges and thus better utilize their potential.

Our Promise...

Easy Customization

At Armezo, we value the importance of customization as per the organization's requirements. We can curate the simulation assessment based on the job profile and the role competencies. Reports can be customized as well.

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Easy Customization

24x7 Customer Support

We love to be there to resolve your problems. Our customer service team is always at your disposal to solve your issues on the go.

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24x7 Customer Support

Simple Pricing

Our pricing model is based on the usage and the features requested, thus giving you complete flexibility to pay as per your requirement.

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Simple Pricing

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