About Us

Armezo is the 'arm that measures' talent, potential, and performance for organizations through our Assessment and Survey Solutions.

At Armezo, our driving force is a simplistic philosophy wherein we believe that technology should make life easy. We believe that an easy solution is one that harnesses the power of state of the art technology and combines it with human intelligence to deliver performance. We are a technology company that heavily invests in products and we realize the importance of ready and available support; which is why we are the preferred choice of our customers.

Company Overview

With a decade of experience in delivering Assessment, Examinations and Survey solutions; we encompass a journey from "novices" to "experts" because analyzing and evaluating human or organization potential and performance is a dynamic journey. Online Assessments, Surveys and Examinations for us aren't merely solutions wherein we have helped our customers transition from pen and paper based processes to computer driven processes; we have done twice better because we have transformed the vision of our clients into reality.

At Armezo, our solutions are:

  • Highly scalable, reliable, and validated
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Expertise with 60+ years of total human experience
  • Delivering delight to 100+ clients
  • Supported by a world class helpdesk team
  • Organic, scientific, and accurate
  • Developed and improved by in-house talent