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Technology touches Businesses. Technology makes our life easy; in the present scenario we cannot imagine life without a touch of technology. Armezo aspires to develop solutions based on technology that provide our user with delight and satisfaction. Think of challenges in your processes and pass them on. We promise to deliver; making business processes easier.


“To become a leading global online examinations, assessment solutions and certification company”

Assessments and Examinations have been and are order of the day in every sphere of life. However this is one process where transition has been quite slow and age old practices are still followed. We want to be the pioneers in the sphere of online examinations and assessments by providing state of the art assessment solutions on the web.


“To provide an examination / assessment experience on the
Web that is nothing less than revolutionary in terms of both content and experience”

We understand that Online Examinations and Assessments have been complicated for ages but our team presents solutions that are trendsetters in this specialized domain. Our team is committed to the cause of continuously innovating to raise the service level of the solutions. We add business intelligence to our products for an awesome customer experience.