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The search for the “Perfect” employee begins at Hiring and ends at Training. The hiring picks the “Best Fit” from the available talent pool and Training aims at transitioning the “Best Fit” to being the “Best”.

Today’s organizations do realize that people are the most critical factor for achieving sustainable and competitive business advantage. To meet the stakeholder’s expectations and sustaining business growth in the globalised economy, organizations need to consistently focus on developing people, processes and policies for enhancing organizational capabilities.  Continuous improvement needs constant and scientific assessment and training. Our Assessment Solutions  for Training are aimed at helping organizations complete the following in with an objective and scientific approach:
  • Pre Training Assessments – Competency and Skill Assessments for Training Need Identification
  • Post Training Assessments – Skill Evaluations to measure Training Effectiveness
  • Consistent Periodic Assessments – For an ongoing learning and development program

The above solutions are customizable benchmarked to Organizational Processes and Needs and available on an ASP model with round the clock support.

Key benefits of using training assessment solution are:
  • Skill Gap Identification
  • Understand the right needs of employees before training
  • Customize trainings to focus more on the development needs of employees
  • Measure Training Effectiveness
  • Centralized database (inputs and outputs) to take strategic decisions
We recommend the use of the following solutions:
EASY TEST – For assessing skill, knowledge and aptitude
The Thinking Pattern Profile – Complete psychometric analysis of an individual.
To succeed in any given business environment it’s important that people have the requisite skills, know business processes and understand organizational practices. It makes it highly critical for organizations to invest in training and development of employees to enhance productivity of employees and organizational capability.

Our Assessment system is not only ideally suited to understand an employee’s current level but it also helps in mapping and benchmarking to what level an employee needs to grow with reference to a particular skill set. Most organizations endorse and adhere to “The Policy of Continuous Improvement”. For an organization to really improve it’s very important that the Organizational Talent pool keeps improving i.e. becoming more skilled and productive. Hence we believe that continuous assessments help Organizations improve their people.
The EASY TEST platform is best suited for conducting any kind of assessments and also offers intelligent insights to
  • Identify Training Needs
  • Measure Training Effectiveness

EASY TEST not only helps in conducting assessments but it provides an end to end module to manage the entire training and assessment process with ease. The modules offered are:

    Trainers and Test Creators
  1. Manage Question Banks
  2. Creating customized Tests  from pool of Question bank anytime
  3. Allot tests to employees
  4. Communication  (email/sms) with the candidates for testing
  5. Manage all test related data
  6. Reports to view results of each candidate and a groups
  7. Dynamic report generation facility
    Employees and Trainees
  1. Take tests
  2. Access all assessment records and reports
Training Administrator
  1. Extensive Reporting Mechanism giving full view at all stages
  2. Customized admin module
  3. Manage the overall system
  4. Manage the assessments
  5. Manage trainers and test creators
The solution also offers a great reporting system that offers:
  1. Progressive and Comparative Reports for an Individual/Group
  2. Helps you filter by batch, assessment and date
  3. Intelligent Graphs that make reports easy
All of the above makes it very easy to understand and analyze Trainee and Trainer performance which in turn helps us establish Training Effectiveness and Identify Training Needs.
To succeed in any sphere of life a combination of the right functional and competencies (values/Attitude/decision making) are required.

Organizations today are focused on creating a meritocratic workplace wherein the onus is on promoting talent from within the organization for larger role as opposed to hiring externally.

Thinking Pattern Profile helps organization in the all the above. Our proven track record validates the use of The Thinking Pattern instrument in:
  1. Recruitment/Selection
  2. Coaching and Grooming
  3. Succession Planning
  4. Employee Development
  5. Team Building
The Thinking Pattern Profile is a symbolic logic-based system that indicates clearly and accurately, what a person's thinking patterns actually are. The system that the profile is based on has been tested against norms of validity, reliability, discrimination and face value and has been found to be EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; agency of the US Government that enforces the federal employment discrimination laws) sturdy and reflective of people's decision-making and valuing processes.

Thinking Pattern Profile specializes in helping organizations in Talent Management and Development by providing assessment solutions for individual competency assessments and psychometric assessments. The beauty of the instrument lies in its simplicity wherein a fifteen minute mental activity gives organizations and individuals a LIFETIME of a REPORT which earmarks the strength and opportunities areas of an individual in a given business environment.

We at Armezo Solutions also provide our clients with help from our certified consultants from USA and India to implement training, coaching and mentoring activities within the organization.
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