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Dr. K.T. Connor
The Thinking Pattern Profile is the only kind of assessment that directly measures actual decision-making competency simply and quickly. It measures competency easily and accurately. And it is quietly being used by some of the best companies to close the performance gap.

It shows what a person pays attention to as they make decisions - and also what they don't pay attention to. Therefore it provides a helpful indicator of the sources of a person's strengths and vulnerabilities.
Axiology is the science of quality or value. It is often thought to include ethics and aesthetics- philosophical fields that depend crucially on notions of value - and sometimes it is held to lay the groundwork for these fields, and thus to be similar to value theory and meta-ethics.

The Thinking Pattern profile is all about “peeping” into an individual’s thought process and getting maximum and accurate knowledge about their values which in turn dictate behavioral actions and decision making. It is the best way to understand an individual.

It measures the capacity, clarity and balance that individuals and groups have regarding people, tasks, systems and themselves.