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Surveys are a critical tool for any organization as they offer intelligent insights and meaningful information which helps in decision making, better planning and streamlining processes. In today’s uncertain & fragile economic environment, organizations do realize the importance of information intelligence therefore surveys become even more important to understand the pulse of any organization. However traditionally surveys are cumbersome affairs requiring premium investment of money and time; these are deterrent factors for organizations willing to take up surveys.
EasySurvey is an offering from Armezo Solutions that makes surveys easy, reliable and simple to implement. EasySurvey offers great savings in money and overall effort. Our team has the experience of helping organizations with conducting 360 degree surveys, Exit Surveys, Internal Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Employee Engagement Surveys. We specialize in managing surveys end to end covering the entire gamut of services including but not limited to:

  • Drafting Survey Questionnaire with the help of functional experts
  • Creating customized survey technology to suit users
  • Conducting Online/IVR based surveys
  • Managing and Interpreting Data
  • Reporting and Analysis from experts

Top 5 Advantages of using EasySurvey by Armezo Solutions.

Customizable and Flexible Solutions- EasySurvey Solution is highly customizable and flexible to cater to organizational requirements. Be it 360 degree feedback Survey, Employee Engagement/Exit Survey or Customer Satisfaction Survey, whatever be your requirement we have the solution that is the right fit.
End-to-End survey management- Armezo specializes in managing end –to –end survey which includes designing questionnaire, creating customized survey technology, conducting online/IVR based survey, managing and interpreting data and final report presentation.   

Dynamically Create your Report- You can customize your report of the entire survey on the basis of various demographics which are corporate in the survey.


24x7 Survey and Reporting Module- EasySurvey offers anytime anywhere survey and reporting module for the survey respondents .They can fill the survey any time and at any place according to their own convenience.


Phone / Email support for respondents- At Armezo, we understand the success of any survey is dependent on a high response rate. Therefore EasySurvey provides support by Phone/Email to increase responses.


Delivery Models:
Survey’s can be conducted through

  • Internet
  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)