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Profiles offered
Dr. K.T. Connor
Profiles Offered
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General Employability Screen
Includes a graph, synopsis of 16 skills necessary for general administrative and clerical type jobs, core strengths, development comments and an interview guide.

Employability Profile
This is a one page employability report card.

Manager Assessment
Includes a graph, synopsis of 26 management dimensions, Primary and secondary development comments and counseling comments.

Sales Screen
Sales Screen-Includes a graph ,synopsis of 30 sales dimension, core strength areas for development and an interview guide.

Customer Service Screen
Includes a graph and a synopsis of skills necessary for customer service positions, core strengths, development comments and an interview guide for use during a hiring process.

Personal Pathfinder

Allows individuals to chart a course in life based on clear knowledge of what can be done, what they want to do and what they are willing to do.

Personal Pathways
This allows individuals to identify their strengths (sources of flow) and also to make them aware of their blocks (sources of interference) along with suggestions that will aide the individual in becoming the best they want to be.

Project Management Competency Assessment
This report gives a picture of how you rank in terms of the competencies required for the 9 key stages of effective project management.