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Scale in any business, they teach you at business schools, is meaningless if it is not matched with productivity. HR today is facing the challenge to increase efficiency of every employee interfacing process therefore meeting business growth and employee expectations. It becomes imperative for organizations to enable HR processes through technology.

As per Forrester Research, HR professionals spend nearly 50% of time on administrative activities. Much of this can be saved by automating processes which are transactional, repetitive in nature and require analysis for business decisions.  Implementation of Management Systems would eliminate routine paper work besides reducing costs by automating basic activities. It would also facilitate better decision through accurate and timely reporting and analysis.

One Size doesn’t fit all therefore Most of the standard products and systems aren’t able to cater 100% to the organizations requirements. Most of the organizations use only 50 – 60% capability of the standard products and still perform part of the processes manually. Since every organization has a unique combination of standard as well as unique processes, a custom process automation is often the required approach.

Armezo solutions inspired with its Motto "YOU THINK | WE DELIVER" specializes in development of technology platforms to automate the process of Organizations. The development process includes:
  • Understanding the present process
  • Suggest where all technology can play a part to automate the process
  • Develop the entire technology platform from scratch
  • Implement technology on Intranet/Internet
  • Integrating with present HRMS/ERP systems.
  • Training of stakeholders.
Some key processes that organizations can leverage by automation are:
  • CV Management System
  • Training Management System
  • Employee on-boarding process
  • Workforce planning & assessments
  • Employee database management
  • HRIS for employee services
  • Performance management systems 
Benefits of Process Automation from Armezo are:
  • The Cloud Advantage – Reliable & Secure
  • Faster HR Transactions with accuracy
  • Tailored made solutions to your needs
  • Improve HR metrics and reporting
  • 24x7 Access