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Dr. K.T. Connor
Dr. K.T. (Kate) Connor, Ph.D.
(Master Consultant)

Dr. K.T. (Kate) Connor, Ph.D. is an organization development specialist dedicated to helping people work together better. She heads up the Center for Applied Axiometrics, a network of consultants trained in axiological applications to organizational issues. She received her degree from the University of Southern California in Communication and Management. In addition, she has degrees from Case Western Reserve University and D’Youville College, acclaimed for its innovative community-centered real-world programs.

Dr. Connor uses the profile to help people appreciate first, themselves and then, those they work and live with. She has been applying Hartman's work to individuals, teams, and entire organizations for more than 17 years. She has been proficient in Myers-Briggs, 16-PF, DISC and other assessments, but she and her clients were never quite satisfied with the level of information those assessments provided. She continued to search for what she finally found in Hartman. Dr. Connor's work has been recognized with numerous awards, including National Award from the American Society for Training and Development, Distinguished Leader Award given by Creative Problem Solving Institute, Project Equality Award for support given women in management, and regional and state recognition for founding and directing the Center for Women in Management.

She is a Master Consultant for Axiometrics International, Inc., and is associated with the Hartman Institute, the OD Network and The Product Development & Management Association. She is a Past President and Board Chair of the Creative Education Foundation (CEF), a past National Board member of ASTD and current VP for Business Applications for the Robert S. Hartman Institute.

Dr. Connor is also the author of RETHINKING WORK: Making Work as Need-Fulfilling as a Tropical Vacation. (CPS Press, 1999), "360 Feedback: Watching Your Front, Back, and Sides," (Chronoscope, SUCB Creative Connections, 1998 State University College at Buffalo), "16 Styles and What Do You Get?" (Proceedings of the 10th Annual Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Conference, 1996. Small Business Administration), "White Collar TQM: Measuring the Purchasing Function" (Proceedings of the 77th Annual International Conference on the World Marketplace, 1992. National Association of Purchasing Management)