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Entrance Examinations are not just a concern, worrying factor for students but also for people who manage them. More often than the Examinations committee also spends sleepless nights in sync with students before the Examinations. There is huge investment of time, energy and manpower that is associated with Entrance Examinations.

In an Entrance Examination key responsibilities could be defined in the following:
Information and Coordination – Information on the Examination and attached schedules. Coordinating with students to help them participate in the exams and clear their doubts on related processes.
Management and Data Processing – Managing all the activities with an Online Examination i.e. registration, payment management, center management, overall management and data processing and security of all above.
Results and Reporting – Declaration of results and reports linked to every sub process of the entire Examination.
All the three listed above need accuracy, precision and efficient management to be implemented successfully.

We offer the most comprehensive solution for conducting Online Entrance Examinations. We manage end to end to provide a complete gamut of services throughout Online Entrance Examinations. Our solution consists of the following:

Registration Management
Payment Management
Student Communication and Alerts through SMS and Email
Admit Card Management
Question Bank Management and Authoring
Exam Center Management
Examination Management
Student Support Helpline
Overall Administration

An Online Entrance Examination for most people is the day of examination but for people who manage it from close quarters it’s just the tip of an iceberg. An Entrance Exam starts with an advertisement soliciting applications in the newspaper and ends with declaration of results again in a newspaper but honestly all the processes that we handle in between are most important.

We at Armezo help you pass the Online Entrance Examination with flying colors.

Internal Examinations are primarily to understand a student’s progress, strengths and opportunity areas therefore they are indispensable. However this process needs better handling, sophistication and better data management.

We present a solution that is not only seamless, scalable and robust but also an intelligent system. The system retains all the features of Online Examinations plus the added features which make grooming a student easier, smarter and better.

The solution is ideally meant for:
1. Internal Periodic Assessments – Chapter wise, Subject wise, Topic wise, etc.
2. Online Quiz/Test/Mock Test
3. Aptitude tests for preparing candidates for the placement tests.

Internal Periodic Assessments – The solution and the associated tests would help the professors and management informed about a student’s progress on a particular subject, topic or Chapter. This also helps analyze faculty performance from a Management perspective by helping them know on which topics student fared better when the classes were taken by a particular faculty member. The system also serves as a record maintenance platform of Student’s report throughout his/her entire tenure in the institution.

Online Quiz/Test/Mock Test – Online Quizzes are seen as one of the ideal fun and learn tools. These tests not only test a student’s knowledge but are also a fun activity for students; this acquaints them with things they are supposed to learn and also with technology. Mock Tests are quite critical as they provide a simulation of what happens in actual tests. Mock tests on CAT, GMAT provide graduate students with an experience and orientation on the platforms aiding their performances in them.

Aptitude Tests for Placement – India is now tilted to the concept of Professional Education hence more and more students opt for Engineering, Management and other professional courses. The idea behind the above is to secure a decent job after completion of the course. Campus Recruitments are huge with Corporate and Institutions alike as they provide a potent platform for thousands of students of securing their dreams of a sound future with prestigious job offers from Corporate. Owing to the sheer volume of this exercise Organizations implement Online Assessments to filter between candidates. An Online Aptitude test platform orients the students with the assessment exercises in Organizations helping them fare better in try and securing a good placement.
An Entrance Examinations most crucial part is students registering for the Examination. Registration is done both in the online and offline modes; however irrespective of the mode of registration the data of the registration is always digitally secured. This makes paper work easy and secure. Progressively institutions are making the registration process mandatory to be Online. A proper registration process ensures great examination management and accurate results and reports.

Armezo Solutions not only manages the all of the above but also provides student support throughout the entire period on business hours. Students are offered support on phone, email and chat.

The services we provide include but are not limited to:
Registration Management – We create intelligent web based technology for students; this helps them register through a webpage which is available on client website. The form and process is flexible and customizable to suit the requirements of the institution.
Payment Management – We integrate a secure payment gateway with the Registration Page to facilitate payment by Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking. The students are also given an option to pay by Demand Draft /Banker’s Cheques. We also manage and track such payments.
Student Communication and Alerts through SMS and Email – Students are provided 16/7 support on all forms of enquiries through phone, email and chat. At every juncture and stage students are educated about recent developments, changes, procedures through email and SMS.
Admit Card Management – The technology has a module through which students can download and print their admit cards after a secure login. Our technology is also equipped to automatically email admit cards to students.

We also provide the Institution Management with regular reports to keep them abreast on a weekly basis on the Registration Process. Our Registration Process is of exceptional quality with a high standard of accuracy, security and ease of use.