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The above statements highlight the business criticality on recruiting the right people. The sole differentiating factor that gives an organization edge is its employees, so it is very critical for any organization to have the RIGHT TALENT at the RIGHT PLACE and hence hiring the right Talent is of paramount importance to organizations. The direct correlation between talent and profitable growth is forcing organizations to retool the traditional hiring mechanisms and has resulted in the birth of unconventional method of hiring.

Assessment based methods for hiring can go a long way toward helping companies ensure they have the talent they need. The right techniques can not only ensure that companies hire the right people for the right jobs, but that there also is a critical alignment between employee skills and the organization’s business, culture and values. Additionally, they can help businesses identify the best candidates quickly—before competitors beat them to the punch.

Benefits of Assessment Based Hiring are as follows:
  • Helps in assessing skills, knowledge, aptitude and technical knowledge
  • Improve hiring efficiency
  • Helps screen candidature on skill sets; saving quality HR time for 1 on 1’s
  • A testing platform customized for Campus Hiring; helps in streamlining hiring activities, conduct tests and do thorough analysis
  • Facility for duplication and validation of applications along with strategic analysis on data referring to best sources of talent location wise.
Armezo already stated is an abbreviation for Examination Online. An online exam/assessment is secure, cost and effort friendly and easy to administer. It is not only assessments though that make a difference; a mix of business intelligence; smart processes and state of the art technology create an assessment platform that helps organizations in optimizing hiring efforts.
We offer scientific and objective hiring solutions which help you assess:
Overall Employability
The solutions are customizable to adhere to organization benchmarks. We also help organization do benchmarking studies before implementing hiring aids.

The service is available on ASP model which eliminates worries of maintenance and periodic updates.
We recommend the use of the following solutions:
EASY TEST – For assessing skill, knowledge and aptitude
The Thinking Pattern Profile – Complete psychometric analysis of an individual.

We understand that recruitments are way beyond Assessments, Interviews and Group Discussions.

Recruitments are one of the core processes of any organization as it helps you source the “Right” people for your organization. Unfortunately not always we end up attracting the “right” talent. The other challenges are investment of quality time, money and energy in recruitment.

We believe that recruitment processes need to be more streamlined and efficient to reduce BAD hires considerably.

The EASY TEST platform consists of the following applications:
    Registration Module – To sort CV’s and Application making tracking easy this also helps in analysis of the best referral sources of talent.
    Online Examination Module – Create and Run tests to gauge a candidate’s proficiency of technology, processes and soft skills.
    Intelligent Reporting Module – Helps you match People to Profile’s maximizing Hiring Efficiency. Also help in intelligent analysis of the end to end recruitment activity.
    The platform is customizable to suit the needs and requirements of a particular organization. The platform The EASY TEST platform also offers integration options with existing HRMS and with our other line of services i.e. The Thinking Pattern Profile and Carnegie Speech.
    The Thinking Pattern Profile is a trendsetter of sorts in understanding an employee’s (potential as well) true potential. It’s a “psychometric” tool with a difference; the difference being it’s based on “Axiometrics” the science of values. The tool helps us understand individual value judgments because

    “Thoughts direct Actions which lead to Results and Feelings” and “New Results come from New Actions which are generated from New Thoughts”.

    Thinking Pattern’s roots lie in the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) which a Nobel is nominated research. Organizations across the globe have tremendously benefitted with the usage of this tool in Hiring.

    We also undertake Benchmarking (Empirical and Non Empirical) activities i.e. identifying and mapping competencies required to excel in the business environment of your organization specific to domains, functions and skill sets, to provide proprietary reports to identify the Right Fit in the organization. With K T Connor our Master Consultant based in California, USA and our network of seasoned consultants in India; we bring about 100 man years of experience to the table to provide organizations with efficient hiring.
    Thinking Pattern