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The best & smart way to conduct assessments across functions, domains and verticals

A power packed and feature rich online assessment tool to suit corporate evaluation needs in recruitment, training and development functions.

EASY TEST is an online assessment tool that is customized to suit the needs of each organization to test candidates/employees on any domain, vertical or process. It is a tool which is highly scalable, easy to manage, administer and work on. It is compatible and flexible to integrate with the existing technology and processes of a particular organization. Customization is the forte for Armezo Solutions. With a seasoned technology team with more than 50+ years of consolidated experience, we are able to offer customized solutions to fit in the process requirements of organizations.

At Armezo Solutions, we are committed to deliver operational excellence along with client delight.

Sneak peek at the features of EASY TEST
  • It is offered on ASP (Application Service Provider) model so that you enjoy continuous support
  • LAN version allows zero or little dependency on internet connectivity.
  • It allows clients to manage Assessments effectively and efficiently
  • Custom features to suit specific assessment processes
  • It enables you to upload and manage question banks, create assessments, manage examinee related activities, view and download reports anytime anywhere.
  • Reporting & Analytics offer Business Intelligence for Better Decision Making 
  • Country wide testing facility with ID checking at Armezo assessment centers.
  • Duplication Checks & Management for Records
EASY TEST –Applications
  • Pre-Recruitment Assessments - Automate the recruitment process from registration to assessment and collecting interview feedback( which includes application/CV management).
  • Pre-Training Assessments - Measure the areas, which need training. This helps in customization of the training topics. 
  • Post-Training Assessments - Measure the effectiveness of training programs by comparing Pre-training and Post-Training assessment scores
  • On-going Assessments - Gauge the skill level of employees/candidates. 
EASY TEST - Offering Customized & Flexible Solutions
  • Assessment Process Mapping Customized based on Organizational Unique Requirements. 
  • Multiple Data Analysis & Reporting Options
  • Customized web interface bearing your company's name and logo
  • Get custom developed aptitude and behavioral test for your organization with the help of questionnaire creation and validation by our panel of experts.
  • Customized tests in different domains – IT, Law, banking, insurance, travel, bio-tech, capital markets etc. with questionnaire design and validation facility by well known domain experts
  • Integrate with any other ERP or HRMS system implemented in the organization
  • Use it as a Recruitment Management System by customizing the CV Management process flow
  • Integrate Survey Solution – EasySurvey to manage feedback e.g. Post Training Feedback Survey.
  • Unique platform for Mock Testing for Coaching Institutes.
We believe- in adding core business processes to technology, thus creating top notch business solutions.
" We pledge-YOU THINK | WE DELIVER”.