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Presenting the power packed survey solution from Armezo Solutions – EasySurvey. EasySurvey has been scientifically designed to ensure that conducting surveys becomes a user friendly and seamless process. Surveys hold the key to complex knowledge and information and hence are indispensable. However owing to the complexity of conducting surveys organizations tend to stay away from surveys; the complexities include but are not limited to multiple vendor interaction, data tampering, developing a technology platform etc.

EasySurvey advantages make sure that you enjoy conducting surveys and do not miss out on key knowledge and business intelligence.

Advantages of using EasySurvey by Armezo Solutions.

Customizable and Flexible Solutions- EasySurvey Solution is highly customizable and flexible to cater to organizational requirements. Be it 360 degree feedback Survey, Employee Engagement/Exit Survey or Customer Satisfaction Survey, whatever be your requirement we have the solution that is the right fit.

End-to-End survey management- EasySurvey provides a comprehensive solution that not only conducts surveys but does everything from receiving responses to generating report for your organization.

Dynamically Create your Report- You can customize your report of the entire survey on the basis of various demographics which are corporate in the survey.

Questionnaire design by Experts- We have  different subject matter experts to design specific questionnaire according to the requirement of the clients
24x7 Survey and Reporting Module- EasySurvey offers anytime anywhere survey and reporting module for the survey respondents. They can fill the survey any time and at any place according to their own convenience.

Phone / Email support for respondents
At Armezo, we understand the success of any survey is dependent on a high response rate. Therefore EasySurvey provides support by Phone/Email to increase responses

EasySurvey is just not another survey technology but it is a survey solution that covers the entire gamut of survey related work, so there are no multiple vendors and it is a ONE STOP SOLUTION.

Armezo manages End-to-End process of Survey that includes:
  • Customizing Survey Process flow as per requirements
  • Designing of Survey Questionnaire by panel of experts
  • Sending Launch and reminder emails to participants
  • Participant support (email & SMS)
  • Detailed Analysis of the Survey Response by HR experts
EasySurvey – Application Areas
Think of any survey and EasySurvey would provide a solution for that survey. EasySurvey is used for
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Employee Online Exit Interviews
  • 360 degree feedback surveys
  • Product Feedback Surveys
  • Post Service Feedback Surveys
  • Surveys for Research Project
  • Surveys for Market Intelligence
Delivery Models:
  • Online i.e. over Internet
  • Interactive Voice Response i.e. respondents can give survey through Phone