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Armezo Solutions actively participate in the welfare of the local community and society. Our employees organize and contribute to the various welfare programs. We support the activities of various NGOs who are dedicated towards the improvement and welfare of environment, employees, communities and society as a whole.


Last Diwali we carried out a CSR activity where we visited an orphanage named” Deepashram” and spent a memorable afternoon with the special kids.
In this activity we involved our clients also who are of the HR fraternity to fabricate an emotional bond with them, as well as fulfill our responsibility towards the society. Armezo in its own magnitude arranged some gifts as well as a lunch for those special kids.

Armezo Solutions in its own capacity tries to initiate different CSR activities which will surely extend a helping hand to the blurring social issues and will encourage other corporate giants to support the institutes and NGOs which are working for the betterment of environment as well as the society.