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Uses of the Profile
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Dr. K.T. Connor
The Thinking Pattern Profile™ reports are easy to comprehend and construe for individuals. The need for a consultant arises when one wants to work on the findings of the reports to become, not only a better individual, but a better professional as well. The more complex reports are quite like a medical diagnostic report which tells you about your current health status but to improve your health with the help of the diagnostic report you need an expert medic.

Several reports, such as the Personal Pathways report, are quite useable without prior training. Others yield more fruit if the consultant or coach understands to a deeper level the background behind the assessment process. Of these, some reports benefit from a basic understanding, others are enriched by a deeper analysis.

The Thinking Pattern Profile™ is an excellent tool to use for consultants for the accuracy of the reports. Mathematics and Science are intricately involved with this tool; therefore for making the best use of the tools it is mandatory that consultants undergo certifications which help them use it most effectively and responsibly as they help identify and groom talent.

For this reason we have two levels of certification.

Basic Certification
provides the learner with an overall understanding of the history and fundamentals of axiometric assessment logic and a review of the reports available and how to read them.

The Basic certification is a 6 hour training that covers the elementary aspects like Axiology, Hartman Value Profile, validations, three types of thinking etc. This program talks in detail about the basic concepts and sciences about Axiology, its history and evolution. It also helps professionals learn how axiometric methodology is different from other behavioral studies and how it focuses on core underlying competencies - those elusive competencies responsible for sustainable development and performance. This certificate is recommended for HR professionals and consultants both. The benefits are huge when an HR executive of an organization using the Profile takes up the basic certification. It provides an excellent ROI as most of the facets associated with The Thinking Pattern Profile are covered and without any external help organizations can deploy the profile to great use.

The Basic certification also trains people on successfully using the profile for:
  • Selection and Recruitment
  • Employee Development and Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Succession Planning
Advanced Certification builds on this knowledge to provide an experiential practicum in interpreting the depth of information inherent in the reports.

The training program covers 20 hours of intensive training covering all aspects related to axiology, Hartman Value Profile, Thinking Pattern and the use and deployment of the instrument in areas of:
  • Selection & Recruitment
  • Coaching and Development
  • Team Building
  • Succession Planning
The advanced certification will help professionals:
  • Learn critical differences between Axiometric assessments and conventional assessments
  • Become familiar with select recruitment and coaching reports.
  • Explore how to use the reports to accelerate their consulting and coaching practice
  • Understand the theory behind the reports
  • Gain facility in understanding and reading into the reports on a deeper level
  • Identify key patterns in thinking and decision-making competency
  • Develop a plan for applying Axiometric assessments to their consulting practice
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